Play, Process & Production

‘Barthes Variations’ (2016): Ink wash, collage, volcanic sand. Using pages from Roland Barthes’ book Camera Lucida.


‘Pomona Thrown’ (Photoprint on metal, 2016)


Pomona Thrown, 2016

A record of a brief performance intervention at Pomona, Salford, a slither of wasteland, edgeland dereliction, and site of current controversy as it is slated for redevelopment by Peel Holdings, the owners of the land. The word ‘Pomona’ is linked to the Roman goddess of abundance and is etymologically related to apples (French pomme).My intervention is a statement of play against a backdrop of alienated planning and unimaginative city development.


Pomona Thrown, Loitering With Intent exhibition, Peoples History Museum, Manchester 2016

‘Charge’:A video poem inspired by an experience in Spain a few years ago

Word Are Not Enough’ (2016)

Collaborative work work in Leeds Central Library with dancers Gerry Turvey and Rachael O’Neill and video artist June Gersten Roberts.

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