I am a Manchester based visual and interdisciplinary artist.

I look for charge in the body, pleasure in the gesture, energy in the land, play in process, and delight in expression.

I use mark making, photography, found objects, ready-mades, and video in a material and conceptual exploration of ideas and sites.

I also work in collaboration with dancers, video artists and sound artists.

I am based at Suite Studios in Salford.

RB Fed House Open Studio 7 Feb 2014(cropsmall)

Further links to my blogs and projects:

Integral Drift (Psychogeography)

The Heinrich Event (Artist Collective)



‘Mono’, PS Mirabel Open, Manchester, UK, 12th Jan – 18th Feb.


SIM Residency Group Show, SIM Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland 27th-28th Oct 2016.

Start Where You Are: Second Degree Potentias, group show, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, 10th -17th September 2016.

Loitering With Intent: The Art & Politics of Walking, People’s History Museum, Manchester, 23rd July-14th October 2016

Spectrum: the PS Mirabel Open, Manchester, 1st July – 13th Aug 2016.

MAFA Spring Exhibition, Portico Library, Manchester, 31st March – 1st April 2016.

Words Are Not Enough, open dance/installation residency with TurveyWorld Dance, Room 700, Leeds Central Library, Leeds, 1-30 April 2016.


Fingers Crossed #3, group show, The Wonder Inn, Manchester, 13th December 2015.

Fingers Crossed #2, group show, The Engine Room, AWOL Studios, Manchester. 13th March 2015.

Fingers Crossed #1, group show, 3rd floor Exhibition Space, Rogue Studios, Manchester. 13th February 2015.


Free for Arts group show, Federation House, Manchester, 3-10 October 2014.

What We Cannot See From Here group show, Link Gallery, MMU. 1-9 May 2014


Body Stories’ Installation. Collaborative dance/installation project with Gerry Turvey, June Gersten-Roberts, Daniel Weaver and Vanessa Grasse. 28 Oct-9th Nov 2013. Huddersfield Art Gallery, Huddersfield.

2 Hrs’ group show / open studio. 31 Aug 2013. Piccadilly Place, Manchester.

If Not Here Where’. Group show. Residency and garden installations. 8-21 July 2013Fletcher Moss Art Gallery, Didsbury Parsonage, Manchester.

‘Unit X Blue Sky Thinking Exhibition’, Group Show. 16-23 May 2013. Bench Self Made Gallery, Manchester.

Heinrich Event’ group residency, open studio 22 April-3 May 2013. Rogue Project Space, Rogue Studios, Manchester.

Art of Protest’ groups exhibition, ‘Our Lungs Are Tesco Bags’ A1 Print. Selected as one of the best protest artworks. 20 Apr -30 Jun 2013. Peoples History Museum, Manchester.


‘Div/sion of Power: Fletcher Moss Art Gallery’. Group exhibition. (Nest installations, ‘Plumage Society’ installation; Nest Photos). Curated by Higgins Renshaw. 16-25 Nov 2012. Didsbury Parsonage, Manchester.

Our Lungs Are Tesco Bags’ print exhibited ‘Art of Protest’ exhibition. 12th Nov 2012. MMU Student Union, Manchester.

Black & Blue Writers exhibition. Two prints (‘The Heart is the sign..’ and ‘Our Lungs are Tesco Bags’) and ‘Black & Blue Beer Bottle Labels’ 23rd Nov 2012. Kraak Gallery, Manchester.

Floorplan’ group exhibition. With Saffina Bhatti, John Lynch, Rebecca Long, Sue Rowlands, Sean Kennedy, Michael Fowdrey. 7-16 Oct 2012. Piccadilly Place, Manchester.

Bound’ artist’s book in Artist’s Book Collective show.  14-24th Aug 2012. Leeds Central Library, Leeds. (Then on tour).


Motion in Pictures. Visual artist and performer with Ad Hoc Community Dance. 22 July 2013. The Lowry, Salford.

Dance Performance. 28 Mar 2013. A community dance group choreographed by Gerry Turvey with MAG Dancers. Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester.

Public Video Screenings

Stone’s Throw. Filmonik Kabaret public screening 29th July 2015.

Another Way of Kissing. CAN/First Person project. Public screenings 21st June 2105 Wonder Inn Manchester; 25th July Resilience Festival, Bridge Mill Manchester.

‘Everything I Never Did, But Never Left Behind’. Public screening: Low Profile/Jamboree #1, Plymouth Art Centre, Plymouth 14th Nov 2015 (and then touring).

Everything I Never Did, But Never Left Behind. Filmonik public screening, Federation House, Manchester. 2nd November 2014.

It’s Been a Privilege, Apparently. Silent film and live performance with actors and musicians. The Deaf Institute, Manchester. 3rd August 2014.

Reports & Rituals. Filmonik public screening, Federation House, Manchester. 1st June 2014.



SIM International Residency, Reykjavik 2-31st October

Words Are Not Enough, Dance/installation residency with TurveyWorld dance, Room 700, Leeds Central Library, 1-30th April 2016.

Pre-Potentia Residency, group residency, Rogue Studios, Manchester, 7-20th May 2016.


MSB15 – Manchester 3rd Floor 25-26th June; Sheffield Bloc Projects 8-9th July; Birmingham Stryx 3-7th Aug. With open studios at end of each residency.

Federation House Project Space Residency. Studio Residency exploring shredded paper and installation. 11 November 2013-December 2014. Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces, Federation House, Manchester.

Body Stories. Collaborative dance/installation project residency with Gerry Turvey, June Gersten-Roberts, Daniel Weaver and Vanessa Grasse. 28 Oct-9th Nov 2013. Huddersfield Art Gallery, Huddersfield.

Time, Space, Tools, Advice. Collaborative residency with Body Stories Project. 30 July – 15 Aug 2013. IOU Studios, Halifax.

Plumage Society research & practice residency. Part of ‘Div/sion of Power‘ exhibition. 16-25 Nov 2012. Didsbury Parsonage, Manchester.

Workshops & Project Organisation


Manifest Arts Podcast Series Ongoing Series. Co-producer and manager.

Manifest Arts Podcast Series No.1. ACE funded podcasts. May-July 2016. Co-producer & manager.

Manifest Arts at The Manchester Contemporary. Curated exhibition and festival promotion stand. 22-25 September 2016.


Still Howling. Director and project manger. Conference, poetry reading and music festival celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first reading of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl. The Wonder Inn, 10th October 2015.

 Manifest Arts Festival. Co-Director. 10-12th July 2015. Local Arts Festival with 29 events and Studio trail. Various venues in Manchester & Salford.


Body Stories HOOT Workshop, Co-led with Gerry Turvey. 6th Nov 13.Huddersfield Art Gallery., Huddersfield.

Body Stories Open Workshop, Co-led with Gerry Turvey. 30 Oct 13. Huddersfield Art Gallery, Huddersfield.

Playspace’ artists summer school. Working with ‘The Heinrich Event’ and ‘The Verb’ to run a two week open space for artists. 19 Aug – 31 Sept 13. Piccadilly Place, Manchester.

‘Leaving a Trace: Making It’ workshop. Co-led with Gerry Turvey. 5 June 13. IOU Studio, Dean Clough, Halifax.