Exhibitions & Installations

Fingers Crossed #3, group show, The Wonder Inn, Manchester, 13th December 2015.

This live art piece invited people to have their face scanned by an A4 portable scanner.

Designed originally to scan flat documents, the portable scans from the human body are unpredictable and strange

This piece plays on the notion of skin grafting and lifting the skin in a harmless and playful way.

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Tattoo Scans – Link Gallery, Manchester School of Art. Group show ‘What We Cannot See From Here’. 1-9th May 2014.

30×30 prints on acrylic; displayed on medical light box.

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A tattoo is (statement)

Body Stories’ Installation. Collaborative dance/installation project with Gerry Turvey, June Gersten-Roberts, Daniel Weaver and Vanessa Grasse. 28 Oct-9th Nov 2013. Huddersfield Art Gallery, Huddersfield.

If Not Here Where’. Group show. Residency and garden installations. 8-21 July 2013. Fletcher Moss Art Gallery, Didsbury Parsonage, Manchester.


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“If Not Here”:

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“Our Lungs Are Tesco Bags” (A1 print).

Selected as one of the best protest artworks for the ‘Art of Protest’ NOISE group exhibition.

20th April – 30 June 2013. Peoples History Museum, Manchester.

23rd Nov 2012 ‘Black & Blue Writers Exhibition’. Kraak Gallery, Manchester.

12th November 2012. ‘Art of Protest’. MMU Student Union, Manchester.

Our Lungs Are Made of Tesco Bags

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